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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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What are u waffling abt

Guess who is laying on a ship after all that ass beating and who immediately transformed and got his opponent the next panel
All I know is that Oda didn’t let Sanji even land hit on Kizaru in exoskeleton mode.

And then let Sanji blitz Nusjuro in base.


Although I still think Gorosei > admirals, Nusjuro actually damaged it more than all of the other Gorosei except Saturn.
Of course Zoro’s opponent is hurting the Gorosei agenda the second most after Saturn, I should have known.

After all, Oda only lets Zoro fight bums like King that jobbed 2v1 against Marco and Shiryu that got one shot by injured old distracted Garp.
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