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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Damn, Saturn dumb fuck, why didn't he explode Usopp's head with his eye haki?
PIS gets worse every arc with top tiers. Strawhats wont ever die.

A certain group of LuNatics on Twitter told me that Nami only ever puts herself in danger or risks her own health and safety if it's for Luffy out of her love for him. Guess she now loves Robin too?
Idk, they are a deranged bunch. If they exsist
Kizaru blocked that hit from Sento in his own words “my guard is nothing to scoff at too ya know.”

Where is Nusjuro blocking base Sanji?

Also, who said base Sanji > Sentomaru?
Have you learned the difference between a sneak and a blitz? Blitz is what Sentomaru did to Pizzaru in a 1v1 fight, sneak is what Runji does in every single arc.
When the fastest admiral gets blitzed by fuckin sentomaru who is one shot material for lucci

I think nasjuro getting sneaked by someone way faster shouldn’t be an issue
Blitz isn't standing/floating there and taking a blow

Blitz is attributed to speed and sento doesn't show none of that and he's literally infront of Kizaru

You're objectively wrong here blud lol

Kizaru I literally uses that monologue to flex his durability lol

That means you can't use this to belittle sanji's feat too bad

King beat marco afterward that aside whiryu deal 99% damage to garp in 1 strike, mihawk casualy slice the frozen tsunami that trapped marinford, nasjuro tanked any attack and easily taking on a 7 vs 1 after soloing whole pacifista in 2 min, plus is immortal and a greater swordsman than shanks. They are monsters and zoro gonna beat them.
This MF is retarded walahi 🤣🤣🤣. Whiryu? Bloke couldn't even stand up after one none haki attack from garp. There's a reason aoikiji was the one fighting garp let's not talk about how whiryu was initially trying to sneak coby

So this is the speed of the fastest swordcuck
Getting outspeed by base sanji while carrying the elderly dashing 100 meters while in the middle of a sword swing

Make sense tho zoloblud is slower, he needs another PU before facing him
Damn @Lor D. Coast base Sanji’s movement speed is greater than Nusjuro’s combat speed let alone movement speed this is crazy just how fast is Sanji compared to this man
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