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Place your bets here that Oda will come with a crazy reveal at the end of Vegapunk's message aside from what was plausible to us already. I LOVED the chapter, because getting answers about the Void Century is super hype and I live for Lore Piece, BUT! We haven't found out what most poneglyphs actually say yet and we still have Robin who can read poneglyphs and is still alive. Vegapunk is a genius and has deciphered some key things about the Void Century, but he has also made his conclusion based on logic, and not on proven facts or poneglyph texts about the actual cause of the rise of the sea level. Sure, he'll probably be right, but I don't think we're out of the woods just yet. Whatever ends up being the answer, we're definitely in hype territory right now and I'm SO here for the ride!

Even if all of the reveals end up what we've theorized throughout the years, it's so exciting that we're finally getting to the endgame of this awesome story!! Read One Piece, listen to its music and have a great time, everyone <3

Whatever the truth is, I hope it involves aliens or supernatural fuckery, but I'll be happy with whatever as long as Oda PLEASE doesn't make the OP world Earth in the future. Just let me have One Piece as its own unique and original planet with its own history please. :pepehands:


How could Joyboy be a threat if he lost the war 800 years ago ?
Probably accepted some weird deal like dancing Oden did with Orochi, but did not tell his crew about it. In turn, one or more of his teammates lost faith in him, maybe even betrayed him (or at least did something that rendered his deal useless without realizing it), allowing the 20 Kings to have the upper hand at the right moment.

That's why Zunisha's been punished for some undisclosed crime, and why the Ancient Robot keeps apologizing to JoyBoy.