Kidd greatness this chapter?

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So lemme get straight… nusjuro who basically cut an island in half decided not to use the same sword on sanji but just bite him? Did Sanji just get bite diffed? Did nusjuro just basically said „you are not worth using my sword fodder begone!“ 😂
Too bad his sword already proved useless against base Sanji, and where is exactly he took damage fro m the bite ? it's a continuation of last chapter, reading comprehension 0 :milaugh:
Can we make you a president of Sanji FC :neesama:
No no im not brave enough for politics

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Check again. I would link, but I'm not on my computer atm
Just did. Chapter 1113 page 11 bottom right panel we get a close up of Sanjis face mid kick and the swirl is down which means he’s on base. When the swirl is up like when he blocked Kizarus laser it means he’s using his exo; but it’s not here.
I wonder who the seraphim will side with
Cause lowkey there’s a shot that they’ll all somehow ally under Luffy instead. Snake due to being a clone of Hancock already hinted at the possibility

Plus I think there’s a shot all 4 seraphim here not only have good ties to Luffy but nika/joyboy
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