Kidd greatness this chapter?

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Todo's binding vow is extremely bull shit though.

In exchange for having to use this instrument... I get my cursed technique back and it's 50 times faster, has more range, and is better in every conceivable way.

What manner of bullshit is this?????? @NikaInParis

Sukuna's binding vows at least have a somewhat reasonable trade-off. Like to be able to use the world slash with one arm against Gojo, Sukuna had to create a vow where every other time he used it he has to point, chant, and telegraph it. That's actually balanced.

Where is the balance behind Todo's?????
Well one clap=one switch, and the vibraslap can clap way faster than a person with their two hands.
Instead of clapping hands, Todo now has to use his healthy hand to hit the vibraslap to activate the technique.
However, he used a binding vow on top of that to limit the number of claps or smt (tbh I stopped reading the explanation after that because it was too convoluted)

The short of it is Crippled Todo >>>> Healthy Todo ~ Sukuna (all versions)
Imu definitely has an obsession over imu even stronger than his hate for joyboy
It potentially being her sword in the flower room

It also ties into cobra wanting her to marry

We already had 2 wedding plots and one piece is a romance
Imu is a madman, similarly people historically have done wars and shit for stupid things

He def desired her. Now he desires Vivi, he demanded the Gorosei to bring her to him
Vegapunk's lord of the rings length broadcast is about to end and Kizaru is STILL hiding in the ship.

Nyanyanya really did him good. Twice.

"B-but on any other day, admirals low diff yonko!1!!11!!1"

Are you people seriously downplaying venus and think he needs help against sanji who got done in by one horse bite??

Some people are retarded
Ignore them
Sanji kicked Nusjuro ans Nusjuro regenerated himself in an instant and attacked Sanji
They rescued Sanji from Nusjuro
I don’t know how this is an L for Nusjuro
Sanji had a great moment and Nusjuro took the W in the end

toxic people turned this great moment for Sanji into a shit show again
"Take your W and shut up" should be the slogan for this fandom
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