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:seriously:Are people comparing Fodder ship to Kaido ship?


Just like at Sabaody , where kidd has his own g3 tier attacks .
Post ts: Kidd has his own g4 where he uses both of his arms and bulks up

Metallic Kidd ~ G4 boundman , base kid ~ g2/3 luffy.
Base Kata ~ G4 snakeman

I guess Weevil ~ G4 Tankman?
No one there comes close to Boundman in raw power. Give it a rest. Not even Katakuri could physically handle it. As you mentioned, Katakuri was more on Snakeman's level physically.


The translation of the panel

Pages left to right

page 1
??: Gyaaaaa
??: Those captains are bad news!!
??: What... (text is broken here)
??: Shoot them to death--!!!

page 2:
Kid: Punk load!!!
Luffy: Bound Man!!!
Law: Room!!!
So kid strongest form is Punk Load

Punk Load ~ boundman indeed
Base kid ~ g3 luffy

I guess only conquerors that are similar to luffy can match his g4 forms.
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