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When Luffy destroyed 1 of Kaido's out of hundred ships with G4

Meanwhile King lol diffed Big Mom's MAIN ship with unnamed attack

"But but Luffy left Oden Piece far stronger than King!!"
King's kick did literally 0 damage to the ship, it just knocked it back. King is so trash that his Beast Form kicks can't even break some wood. Good thing that Zoro's fighting him because we know that Zoro can't take pain very well ever since the timeskip ended.


No one there comes close to Boundman in raw power. Give it a rest. Not even Katakuri could physically handle it. As you mentioned, Katakuri was more on Snakeman's level physically.
Did I say kata~ boundman?

Kidd definitely is on boundman raw power
If boundman is 99 AP then Punk Load Kid us 95.

Why do people find it hard that Kidd has g4 tier attacks or power?
He easily had g3 tier pre ts.

This scene is just Sabaody replica , oda is showcasing that Kidd and Luffy have similar brute power again.
It took a bit of time and effort to fix the Sunny, but Luffy and co. come rushing in.
Luffy, Law and Kid go ham and chaos ensues.
In the midst of all this chaos, Kyoshiro appears and reveals that he is Denjiro.
By gaining the trust of his underlings and Orochi, he's come as aid together with the samurai that have been released from jail.
Also the military forces that were thought to have sunk are all safe and it seems only the ships that were not needed were destroyed.
The reason for this was because Denjiro thought that Kinemon purposely misread Yasu's picture puzzle as he (Kinemon) guessed that there was spy/informant amongst them, but it seems Kinemon was simply just mistaken.
So denjiro>kinemon
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