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:suresure: so accurate bro, you made my day!!! or you could change "OP Fandom" to "WG powerscale tards"
Preciate it mate lol
Law legit being so out of character out of nowhere.
Lmao, glad I'm not the only one who picked up on that. Mans telling Luffy to step back and calling him a loser as if he hasn't been his cheerleader for the past few arcs:suresure:

Can't lie tho, badass Law is def a step up from cheerleader Law.
Kyoshiro looks really off without his pompadour. :whitepress:
Also, lol at Kyoshiro thinking Kin'emon purposely misread the message of the note just to lure the traitor when Kin'emon genuinely thought they had to move to a different port. These are one of the things which make One Piece great. An entire volume ends on a joke. lol
Didn’t Yasuiec draw snakes onto the cards? So this entire time, he was trying to tell them that there’s a link in their midst, but Kinemon thought he meant to go to Itachi port lmao
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