Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 980: Fighting Music

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Really liked the chapter. The translation made everything clearer than the spoilers I've read yesterday. Funny how Kid says "WTF ARE THEY DOING" and then joins in moments later because it's about Apoo. I am excited to see where that's going.

I wonder if Queen will tell Kaido about the issue or if he will keep quiet, because it would be his fault they managed to leave Udon
So reading again the chapter and I think Oda didn't forget fs. Both Luffy and Zoro couldn't use most like CoO. Both making statement that CoO couldn't work against Apoo df ability. First Luffy who was surprise that he get a punch and ask himself how he get hit and secondtime Zoro who said that they couldn't see the attacks.

My though is that Apoo df disturbs CoO overall and make it harder to dodge the attacks of him,kinda hax if this case coming true.

About Queen who want to take on Flying six, my bet is about Sasaki or Who'Who. xDrake wouldn't make sense because he listen Queen order and don't speaking against him, also if Queen would know that Drake beeing a traitor, he would already tell it to Kaido. Im sure it gonna be about Sasaki or Who'Who.
Queen is probably talking about the challenge Kaido set for the tobi roppo where they're allowed to fight the all stars, so he's going to kill whoever pick him
We see more crazy ass Smile Users design, Oda really went all out in this, but holy hell Apoo is kicking ass, He actually kick ass, this guy is a legit strong ass mofo, well as long as he's out of his opponent range and his opponent is in his range, damn
he got squashed thou, but I doubt it's the end of him, if he have some sort of , idk defense music I guess
Kidd thinking Luffy and Zoro are crazy is hilarious as fuck, and the pleasures realized they're just fodders hahaha

How did zoro knew if apoo allied with kid?
Zoro reads newspaper perhaps?


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That chapter is pure gold for my soul. Eustass Captain Kid, finally you can take that Rat Out!!

for the chapter, I got some points to mention, specially with the spoiler in mind:
Apoo attacked luffy and Zoro with his hax power, both mention they just didn’t understand. So they decided to leave. Important here, they got no significant damage.
Secondly. Apoos range seems pretty limited and needs some time to prepare. So he needs to change his teeth, or arms... anything into a music tool (his teeth are different in different panel, so I think he need To change them too). And together with the time he need to prepare, his Defence seems pretty bad.
he saw kid coming, kid yelled loud and clearly and still apoo was not able to do anything except have a deeply scared face. He got punched in the wall without any Defence or counterattack, while he saw the attack coming.

so I take for me:
Apoo has a strong offense with preparations, but his Defence is weak. He is kinda the other side of the medal from Bege, which had lacks in offense, but an immense defense.


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It doesn't make any sense. Maybe we can accept such an explanation for Zoro but Luffy can see into the future.
The first blow was a surprise attack but the second wasn't
It kinda was cause luffys focus was wrong. He focused on Apoos doings, not on the impact. So if luffy focus on apoo to counter the attack, he just see him touching himself or touching his teeth or whatever, but nothing clearly attacking luffy, so how to react or counter? He still needs to understand what Apoo is doing there.
Gotta love the way Zoro's fanboys dowplay his display here. One attack and he's wheezing and bleeding from the mouth but it's somehow a better showing than Sanji vs Vergo on Punk Hazard, while he had returned to a severely battered body.

But hey, that was expected.
Exactly my thought. If Sanji took an L against Vergo according to their logic, this should also be considered as an L
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