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Korean source (the blog from previous week's)
Also posted by redon and confirmed by Roventiar

- Zoro gets annoyed at Luffy for getting angry but when he finds out his reason (food waste), he also gets angry.
- Apoo spots Luffy and reports to Queen
- Queen wants to remove one of the Flying 6 and will offer the vacant seat to whoever can defeat Luffy and Zoro.
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Kidd appears in the chapter. Luffy and Zoro get together, Apoo discovers them and reports it to Queen. Luffy begins rampaging. Kidd says they (we) should be able to relax a little now. Zoro appears, he originally wanted to calm Luffy down, but after learning the reason behind his anger, he gets mad as well. Queen wants to get rid of someone from the Tobbi Roppo, and then hand their vacated seat to whoever captures Luffy and Zoro.

Translation From @sMelly
New information, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Lola asks Gotti to marry with her.

Chapter tittle is “Tatakau Music” (Fighting Music) the attack that Apoo used with Kizaru in Sabaody.

This time Apoo uses Tatakau Music with Luffy and Zoro. Luffy is KO a few seconds and Zoro gots a huge cut wound in the chest.

Luffy is totally OK at the end of the chapter. Zoro gots the cut becouse he can’t see or predict Apoo attack.
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More information, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

More details.

- There is a Wolf Smile user, he's like Holdem with a wolf in the abdomen.
- Zoro cuts in a half a tower with a lot of Beast Pirates.
- There are a lot of new Smile user, like a gorilla, a giraffe or a mantis (I think).
- Apoo hits Luffy in the face with a sonic wave, then he cuts Zoro and finally he sends a explosion to Luffy.
- Luffy and Zoro lost Kinemon's costumes.
- Kid and Killer see all it's happening. Kid decides he will go for Apoo, Killer try to stop him.
- Kid go after Apoo, he wants kill that traitor.
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