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  • Apoo survived Kidd's attack, but suffered damage. Kidd is nitpicking Apoo for being Kaido's underling. They fight.
  • Killer says the range of Apoo's attack is how far you can hear a sound.
  • Number Hatcha appears. He laughs "Hachacha"
  • Who's Who prepares to go out with his men to find Yamato.
  • Kin'emon's party tries to pass by Black Maria's residence because there's no people, but they encounter Big Mom.
  • Chopper is hiding in a tank. Big Mom makes eye contact with Chopper.
  • Marco stops the Big Mom Pirates from climbing up the waterfall.
  • Nekomamushi, Marco, and Izo appear at the end of the chapter.
-by korean blog + confirmed by Yonkouprod

Edit: No Break next week according to Yonkou Reddit (he deleted it by now)
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Not directly a spoiler, but there is no cover story this week because we get a colour spread
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From redon in Arlong Park Forums.

The 100% confirmed information is the one I posted in the 1st post of this thread.

Other information like "no break next week" or "Luffy and Zoro will go for Calamities" are not confirmed. The korean blog posted some of them a few hours ago but then deleted them, so we can't confirm them.

Only the information that appears now in korean blog is true.​
No break next week

Colourspread: The SHs are dancing with Sanji being a DJ.

Credit to both spoiler: Not me. I dont know if i can say name..

Colourspread: Due to the limited space, some of the SHs including Jinbe didn’t make it in this cover.

pretty much like previous colorspread “Dwarves & Shoemakers” where members were missing
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More Spoilers @PuckTheGreat @EtenBoby


Source: 5ch
Peropero says he doesn't like the alliance and won't allow King.
Flampe seems to want to be Kaido's favorite in the ride.
Smoothie agrees that it was Mom's decision.
Daifuku and others aim to expose Luffy's beheading to the world rather than such a thing.
Carrot: (top right): Kinemon, you can focus on the fight!!
Kinemon (top left): I’m so grateful…!! Honestly I was distracted (literally spirit wasn’t in it)
Bottom: I’m relying on you!!
Credits: cheese
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Translation for Spoiler Marco Picture:

Bottom caption: Marco: Ex-Whitebeard Pirates: Marco The Phoenix

Going from right to left:

Bubble 1 – so the story about the big mum pirates’ allicance……..
Bubble 2 – was really true
Top left – (not sure on the exact translation but something like) When I come again/for when I come again...
Bottom left – hmm?

Credits: Cheese
Perospero declares that he does not view the alliance favourably and won’t forgive king. Flampe is in a good mood and wants kaido to like her. Smoothie respects Mama’s decision (lit. agrees with what mama decided) Daifuku says that rather than the alliance, their goal is to show the world luffy’s severed head. Credits: cheese

more detailed summary from a professional TL about the 5ch summary
" 山道で二手に別れてカイドウ&オロチを挟み撃ちにする作戦
ナミとしのぶ達がモモの助を探すチームを組み内部へ潜入する "
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