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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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WHAT ?!?!!? Marco appears in the spoil ???

Édit : Yeeeesssssssssssss !!!!

But wonder what will happen with Weevil. Weevil will likely come in Wano too then

Marco maybe decided to go because of the news about the hunted shishibukai.

But what is this thing about the BM pirates and the waterfall ? Oda won't do that again ....
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Zoro and Luffy vs Calamites :finally:
Where is this part?

Number Hatcha appears. He laughs "Hachacha"
Finally a Number get show up in the end, hope we get more details now for the Numbers.

Marco beeing with Neko after his word back then, I never expect this until Weevil was defeated.
Im sure Weevil gonna show then up soon too, this going be very insane with all these characters.
Spoilers seem extremely interesting!!
Marco is back:cheers:
I'm excited for Marco and WB pirates vs BM pirates without Cracker and Katakuri!!

Glad we got some info on Apoo's DF...It's impossible to evade if u can hear the sound...His DF is wild af...

Glad Yamato's story is going forward as well...Wonder where he is now....

Chopper meeting BM seems good!! Will Lin Lin get back O Lin memories?? Wonder if BM will destroy Kinemon's forces....


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my expectation on Marco's appearance :
- (possible) maybe there was a news article that Weevil was caught by the marine so Marco thought he has no more reasons to not go...
- (unlikely XD) maybe Shanks himself came and told Marco he can go to Wano help Luffy coz he will protect the village while he is away lmaoooo


Goodbye to Zoro/Sanji vs calamities

They will solo Top 2 commanders of Yonko only when facing Teach pirates

Also Oda using BMP as benchmarks is because BMP are the strongest family and empire has been unmoved for decades

Marco will tell us more about WB, BM and Kaido, their past battle records
Whether WB tried avenging Oden or not

Kidd g3 wrecked Apoo and trash talking him... I hope Kidd lands bêat him soon

WhoWho will replace Queen (who will be beaten BY luffy/Kidd soon) and he will Kaido YC3 while Jack will be YC2, King as YC1 and Yamato as YC0

Kidd Luffy Law Kizaru Vs Kaido and BM
Marco vs King or Smoothie
Ashura and Denjiro vs King or Numbers
Dukes vs Jack
Zoro vs WhoWho
RS Sanji vs Daifuku
Jinbei vs Sasaki

Let's go
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