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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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Lazy is the way

Two Idiot Captains and their (somewhat) Calm Right-Hands/Vice-Captains.
Glad that Killer is not a stupid beast. Killer seems quite level headed I like that.

I like the fight between Apoo and Kid. And their two smiles.

Killer was nerfed for multiple reasons get over it, but Zoro is still stronger than him.

WsW crew is nice, two cat ladies ^^ respect for the man.

Marco my love ❤️
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It has never happened to I'm using knowledge of the series so far

Same way I can say there will be no one who can blow up the entire planet because no one in the series gas ever come that close

Again. Panels do better than talking.
We can’t use panel if you says it can never( as in future tense) happen.
Ancient weapons are a thing, don’t you think maybe one is a machine of sorts? I mean pluton is a thing, and it is a boat.
And how about vegapunk? He may create something of the sort. All I’m saying is it’s within the realm of possibility when you got ancient weapons capable of destroying the planet.
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