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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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And what will you do if he(who's who) is the real deal? I mean capable of giving luffy extreme diff?
I ask because I'm tired of people underestimating people below calamity rank and thinking each set of officers in any emperor crew are equal.
The f6 can be as strong as oDA wants and luffy isn't necessarily above King/Marco like many think it's a "must" for him to be.
:seriously: if whos whos giving luffy an extreme dif fight at this point he might as well just go back to east blue
Hehehe that would be fun to watch I admit
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Of course

Zoro haters were delusional yet once again bud
u underestimate them. wait for them to come with new narratives. they will surely find a way to exclude Kid from the equation and make it all about Zoro.
dont forget Kids:
Kid is a Top Tier- YC1 inbetweener
Zoro is YC4
its always the sword God Slayer Enma:whitepress:
wait for certain Kid fan come with damage control:
"Apoo is Top Tier - YC1 inbetweener"
"Kid got hit stronger move than Zoro. He used Internal destruction Haki"
"Kid has god Tier
inserts all the stat a char can have

" Apoo stronger than
insert any char he hates
You also forgot "kid know his devil fruit work" but apoo yc1 tho lol
Does it really matter if he has a wound though?

Only people worried about it are the embarrassing speedreaders who think this is the first time Zoro has bled when he fought Arlong directly after Mihawk.

And this was literally before the timeskip in the first saga.
"Fought" Arlong

Lmao sure. Kaido is gonna pick up fainted Zoro and be amazed how Zoro's body is still intact after Apoo's attack:milaugh:
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