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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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No he wasnt.
We discussed that thematic in the Forum several times now.

I know the whole Zoro-Fan-Group wont accept it, but Killer was not able to fight and think properly at that time, due to psychological breakdown.
Which was disproved by the chapter when they fought, the chapter where he was laughing with the other Kidd pirates and this very chapter.
He had a mental breakdown because he failed to free Kidd not because of the smile fruit. Therefore he was fine while fighting Zoro.

In fact, this very chapter just confirmed what me and others were saying: « Killer was fighting to free Kidd. He was not tortured and not force to eat a smile fruit. He was fighting at his fullest to free his captain ».


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Killer couldn t think properly:josad:

I know you just troll around in favor of your favorite character, so... it is not fun anymore.

Why cant you People just read it properly and discuss properly without trolling around, spaming some memes, blaming and stuff? Come on, it was even in manga stated he was broken down, even the whole design-theme around him stated it obviously.


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Probably just because he had the sword at the start of the arc and we're in a samurai themed arc.

If Luffy does anything with Nidai, I'll actually be pissed bc he has no skill with using a sword. I wanna see him unveil a new Gear 4 form or something.
I highly doubt he uses the sword. I just find it interesting Oda still draws him with the sword even after he has long since parted from it.
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