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When will The BMP enter Wano?

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In the past they were easily toying with Scabbards during their run after Oden’s Death. So the possibility of them being one shotted is really slim. If we’re going by card game rules we should have 9 numbers (2-10). General Franky and Monster Chopper could be a good fight for them but who fights the rest..
No clue who'll fight the rest.. Franky can get some of them intead of one? Or Maybe Oda just make Zunisha to clear them up at the end. Lol.

Thing is they will be less relevant than the likes of tobi roppo and calamities in this war imo. So how they'll be beaten not really interest me tbh.

critical mindset

Oh God damn bro @Jo_Ndule Kidd is FUCKING GARBAGE weak ass trash.

Dude took the same attack Zoro did but is fucked up way more than Zoro was

Zoros durability >>> Luffys durability >> Kidds durability >>>>>>>>> Lanjis durability

that Hawkins nail would have killed Sanji @Chrono @critical mindset
I don't want to see or know any spoilers, so I am not even seeing what you wrote. Wait until after chapter to discuss whatever it is that pertains to the chapter
At least with Zoro he has overwhelming amount of moments where he looks like force of nature, the alpha male destroying everything in his path to make up for his moments where he looks bad.

Luffy has big victories to make up for his moments of looking bad

Kidd is literally like Lanji, they take Ls after Ls after Ls without making up for them @Chrono @Jo_Ndule

At least Kidd isn't a complete beta male like Sanji. Sanji personifies beta, dude is a SIMP, a pedophile, literally has daddy issues, cries like a little bitch because his feelings are too fragile, wants to literally fuck a dude and lost his man hood during his training.

God damn he sucks lmao
Can't believe I was once a Sanji fan @BigChungus2018
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