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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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phew.....I am talking about "Luffy hurting Kaido" before "blooming" i.e. whatever he had with Udon version of haki.....there is no flame bait....in the first place, it is your fault if you think "extreme circumstances" meant fighting is the only way....besides, why do you think FS/adCoA needs the same way of "blooming" ......
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Thanks Jo-san
And did i ever deny that he would hurt him? I didnt, so basically you decided to flame/trashtalk me on something i never said. Good job man!

Look, you can twist his extreme circumstance is him thinking that he needs to learn it before the fight but thats kinda reaching isnt it?

Anyways i really gotta go, gn.

Fallen Prince

Few suggestion luffy hardly used anything on Page one but i am sure he ll be back . It really seems Ulti and page one are not destined to lose right now but i do think both of the sibling are powerful so they ll be at festival again we'll see them fight .
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