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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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when who's who says he wants to beat queen
certain folks " ha ha know your place"
perospero who jobbed to ichiji says he wants king
same folks
"wow perospero is going to nerf king, he will give him the pedro treatment"
sidenote perospero is prob a retard thinking he has a chance at luffy , marco or king. I honestly dont blame him, his dad fucked a woman he raised from 5 .
that panel was the aftermath of the headbutt clash, and Ulti was the one standing, so Luffy must be thrown from that impact.

in the headclash panel, there's an onomatopoeic word メキメキ (mekimeki) which is used when indicating a clash/creaking happening
Wow so she win the clash or at least throw Luffy away with her power?
Would be great feat, I mean she was in her base form when she perform it.

So Ulti full zoan headbutt must make a big environment damage around the area if she use it.
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