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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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MD Zolo

I'd say, if I had a GENDER SWAP moment
I'd do it
She can check my penis if she cares LOL

My soul is in that body.... thus, it's MY BODY temporarily... I can go eat, shit, masturbate... whatever I wanna do at that duration of time... I give her free access to do whatever she wants to LOL
Problem is that Nami didn't give Sanji free access when the body swap occurred.

This is probably not the right track of argument for anybody.


Kitetsu Wanker
Kidd and killer are busy worrying about Heat than gifters, they handling gifters easily
While Zoro worries about gifters since chapter 979 or 980
Oda just took a dump on the portrayal of CoC user Kidd huffing and puffing together with Killer while Zoro is soloing with his sword on shoulder. The moment he sliced up the stage 2 chapters ago and scolded Luffy while Kidd and Killer acted as cheerleaders, it was clear who the boss of the alliance is.


Pepebusi Spammer
Inside the castle, Kid's side.

Killer: Kid.. As expected, breaking in through the front is too reckless!!

We lost track of Heat's group, as long as they aren't found out we'll manage somehow...!!

Fodder: If we kill you we have a chance of promotion!!

Some fodder shouting at Yamato?: Please wait!! Kaido-sama is searching (for you)!!

Yamato?: Don't mind me, let me go!!

Kidd to fodder: If you leave an opening you'll die!!!

Wait a moment, if this is the case Yamato is not far away from Kidd and Killer cuz the fodder are talking about Yamato when they are facing Kidd and Killer.
Good observation tho. :smithnie:
Sanjiboys acting like their boy isn't useless :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Zoro is soloing an army while Kidd needs Killer to do that :endthis:
Why do people like you and some Sanji wankers always have to turn everything into a Zoro vs Sanji argument? Seriously some of you people are obsessed with this whole Zoro vs Sanji argument, it's not even funny just plain annoying and childish on both sides.
Theirs a diffetence between Kidd's panting and Zoro's "Haaah.....Haaah".

And Kidd doesnt even notice the gifters. Hes only worried about Heat.
So kid with killer is not panting because Oda didn't put it in the dialogue box even though he does show it there.

What about that time Oda put A stomach grumbling noise in a dialogue box? I thought sfx don't count when they are in dialogue boxes
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