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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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trolling aside
- wonder why oda decided to have perospero go alone and not take his siblings
- kaido's fodders together can be tasking since every one of those zoans are heavy hitters esp for those trying to stay as fresh as they can before big battle
- luffy, kid, killer, zoro look in good shape . beating a lot of fodder is also a good warmup.
- really looking like mama and kaido go down this arc.

considering how much ulti pushed luffy a character I rate above king and queen btw , its not far fetched to believe the arguable strongest who's who is giving queen that work. some of yall rate doffy yc2 for forcing luffy into g4. this luffy btw is significantly stronger than the one that faced doffy. give her credit. I resisted the urge to shit on smoothie here cause rosella is here
Personally think Oda just wants Pero to be part of Act 3. The other siblings will arrive on the canter all late and shit or go through the secret entrance to Hakumai if the battles somehow take place back on mainland Wano.
Those are indeed very good news.

Let's not deceive ourselves, the damage to this arc was already done and even though it's one of my least favourite arcs post ts, i hope that from this point onwards the arc ends on a high.

I need an act break, tbh. Maybe that helps.

BuT tHe ToBi RoPpO aRe FoDdeR.

@Buusatan94, @Kejon, @Shiroyru, @Jo_Ndule
Where are my Big Mom Pirate wankers at?

Luffy was about to resort to G4 in a much shorter time against Ulti than he did against Cracker. And this wasn't because he was pressured for time or anything. He straight up said "such strong power". This means Luffy was acknowledging that Ulti was simply too strong to be beaten without G4.

The portrayal is clear, Ulti > G2/G3 Luffy with FS and ACOA.

Goddamn, I'm going to have so much fan when the chapter comes out.

But damn, even for me this is too much trolling.

@Admiral Lee Hung, @TheAncientCenturion, @silverfire: what do you think this says about One Piece powerscaling?
Ulti really is powerful, this really speaks volume about their physical strength. But I wouldn't be so hasty and say she is stronger or close to the SC's. BM pirates don't just rely on their physical prowess, but more on their weird and tricky devil fruits.

Fallen Prince

I think this comment is underrated. There is still way too much plot to cover (what Onigashima is, what Kaido is, the Numbers, Yamato, the entire Party, Yamato's signficance to said party, Rocks flashback) and we have barely addressed any of it.

I'm starting to seriously think Yamato is BM/Kaido's son (BM either thinks he's dead and thats why he's forced to wear a mask right now; or this is what Kaido "owes" BM for) and is central to their alliance. I'm also starting to think Yamato might honestly be strawhat material and we will see a pretty tragic flashback with him.

He's been waiting for Luffy for a "long time" and he has chains and might be forced to cover his face. Not to mention, he has a unique fighting style it seems (like his father)
Thanks , its possible my only guess is big mom only allied because she wants something kaido possess . I dont necessarily think Yamato is their love child maybe he really possess something that makes it valuable for alliance hope you got me.
Luffy still fails to use his FS properly like Katakuri did.

Its Odas decision obviously. But at this stage any character who lacks rapid speed shouldnt even be able to land a single hit on Luffy.
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