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Who will Yamato-Chan fight?

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So page one got his jaw broken a lil while tanking it and ulit cry in pain no blood and was still ready to Fight dude a beast Wage One :pagemoji::pagemoji::pagemoji:
By the end of this arc,
The last Calamity will be Standing is Jack who was being shitted on by fans
The last Tobbi Roppo will be standing is Pageone who was being shitted on by Fans

If that happens, I would laugh SO HARD from Oda's choices!

Pageone truly deserves respect... a true tank!

By the way, for anyone who doubts him, last chapter it was PROVEN he has Haki (observation at least)

Reason is BOTH him and Ulti sensed Luffy's haki from the dust.... he was the one to even tell Ulti he's still standing and she said yes I know I know... the dude is a confirmed observation haki user (and Stealth Black) STilllllll was able to sneak on him many times.... Invisibility is STRONK:steef:

Fallen Prince

Yamato looks similar to vivi for some reason but she does have that flair of young linlin with that monster strength.

What if ahe is ancient weapon uranus.

Vivi -pluton
Shirahoshi - poisedeon
Yamato -uranus

Ideally fits three war weapons
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