Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 986: My Name

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Kanjuro getting a fight when the Scabbards showed up would have been dumb. They're trying to make their way to Kaido and in the context of guarding the back door, it wouldn't have made sense for him to get the honor of a due
if Kanjuro is really dead, then this is the best thing Oda did to not waste our time with him. However, knowing Oda’s view on The “Death idea” there’s a big chance Kanjuro is not dead and he will return sometime in the next chapters ... this is what I don’t like.
I prefer Kanjuro getting a single full fight rather than him returning multiple times in the future events and annoying Everyone.


See this in that way:

Totland cover over 30islands, each minister take the role and protect them, adding to the ministers Big mom lead a huge fleet and every Minister have his own battleship together with a fleet if he needs help. Big mom tell us reader that it take many years since Cracker,Smoothie and Katakuri meet each other. They are protecting their own island+taking down other island as we see in chapter 827. The enemy with Perospero face aren´t the same as the one who Smoothie face, Smoothie have a totally different territory and her own mission to protect totland. So it make sense why Smoothie face different enemies and kinda don´t know King while Pero knowing King more(at most Pero is also the first son who probably clash with many strong pirates) then anyone else, same for Compote she know King while Mont-d or didn´t know him.

The reason why Smoothie probably know Marco is that she meet him during a battle?
When someone invade Totland, the Sweet commander protecting their territory, Kid,Apoo and Urouge probably face a different Sweet commander overall. If someone attack from the territory where Smoothie island is, she gonna deal with the enemy, if someone invade Snack territory, he gonna deal with him.

Big mom has a huge army and their children know very well to protecting their territory, so a war between Yonkous in the past doesn´t surprise us, it was also said in the novel and it make sense.
This seems like it.

Not every SN fought the same SC
Luffy took another route so he didn't get to meet Snack while Urouge met Snack then Cracker who went there to beat Urouge.

Pero, Compote, and the others above 38 probably all met and clashed with beast pirates, when Kaido probably challenged BM, only the older kids remember.
Im 100% sure Smoothie wasn't a commander 15+ years ago, same with Snack.

BM empire is just so well organised and has many fleets, that each minister doesn't even need to be at main island even after years.
looks like a great chapter!

now that Jinbe appears in the color spread I hope this ends the theory that he'll end up dead:wellwell:

Scabbards hype vs Kaido! but we know they'll be defeated since they're getting their way far and will end up Kaido winning to show his superiority:kaimoji: then we'll have the supernovas vs Kaido and finally the Luffy solo battle that's currently my headcanon:madmonk:

Lastly, Sulong minks in the next two weeks!:steef:
i am calling it now, its a win for scabbard if they manage to made it out alive in chapter 987 w/o dying:pepemwai::pepemwai:
waiting for the moppin Kaido will give them:rolaugh:
they should have all ganked upon a calamity and finish him off. that at least would help the raid team that they manage to takeout a main fighter on Kaido's team. and wtf does attacking Kaido will do for them? they thought they can kill him with surprise attack?:kaidowhat:
now i kinda understand why some members calls them srubbard:smoothieduck::smoothieduck:
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