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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 986
Title: My Name

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Lazy is the way
If Kanjuro is dead this is really a shame, the character has great possibilities and potential for a big battle with Kinemon. And his powers were barely explored.

Izo is really good this chapter I love the way she is drawn and the way she shot King's sword away.

Don't really like Yamato saying that she doesn't consider Kaido her father anymore, this sentence was childish and a bit bullshit

And WsW with his girls is always nice, the guy is good :myman:
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Chapter was great honestly. Kanjuro is obviously not dead. and i wont blame king for anything, as he was caught completely off guard. YC1 can make mistakes, they are not perfect. 8/10
Man, you guys are on some next level of crack.

Kiku made a big speech about his death and his soul in the afterlife last chapter. We saw a flashback of all the Scabbards with Oden when they were young. They were crying over it and Kinemon walks over to put his hat on him while walking away.

This is the biggest arc in One Piece. People are going to die. Moreso than Marineford.
I still doubt that Orochi and Kanjuro are dead, they both are masters of treachery and deception and Kanjuro is such an exceptionnal actor that he may have just faked his death and made fake blood with his df.

Or he may recover like all these characters who are "killed" only to turn that they had just lost conciousness.
Yeah Kanjuro faked Kiku cutting through his internal organs.
Great start to the war with the samurai finally making their move. Pretty funny cover, after everything Pound sacrificed he gets abandoned by a ship with the sail "I <3 family".

Orochi and Kanjuro keep us in suspense. So Kiku who got an Odabox last chapter offpanels Kanjuro? Nope, not falling for it even if Kin pays his respects with the hat. All those side characters that got their own chapter-long fights in Dressrosa and a key villain like Kanjuro is done dirty like this? We have only scratched the surface of Kanjuro and Orochi's DF abilities. I am a little salty we missed out on some armored Kiku action, only a Kanjuro flashback can save us now. Meanwhile Orochi, who was weak, cowardly and uninspiring as a leader to nobody's surprise has his entire force bend the knee to Kaido. The lopped off Orochi head must be fuming, curiously we don't get to see the main body which is the part where you suspect a new head will emerge from. The only question is after seeing thousands of Wano samurai removing their costumes, whether some of these Orochi guys who were never truly pirates but warriors native to Wano will be tempted to join them.

I gained respect seeing all the retainers together at last. Far more than a cool line up shot, the lads charge to their death against Kaido and the Calamities. Brillant how they swoop in from behind the wall as Kaido is caught watching the explosion. Momo has his biggest moment where he finally tells off Kaido despite being held in the worst position in his life. I like how Kaido even set up some bait saying he won't execute some random kid. Inuarashi is using his saber from Zou again, Raizou finally pulls out a katana, but the non-swordsmen were the ones who shined most. Izo with a pistol channels his inner Beckmann and blasts the sword out of King's hand. Neko becomes a tiger and swipes that dragon's club with nothing but a paw. Kin'emon and Raging Kyoshiro get the first stab but I hope everyone joins in as they try to plunge Kaido into the water below. Sunacchi (Snatch) is a sacrificial battle cry, no wonder Kiku didn't want Momo saying it and Zoro had no clue what it meant. Maybe Akainu was right if not even a Yonko and his top 3 are safe from the samurai.

Got Oden PTSD? Reconsider your suicide habits today! With no Orochi around, it's Kaido who starts sweating bullets at the sight of Toki's 9 shadows. It's similar to Big Mom being exposed after Mother Caramel's picture was broken, or maybe it's just cat allergies. King and Queen also caught by surprise by the guys they trashed in the flashback. The funny one is Jack, who wasn't in the flashback 20 years ago, so he instead gets traumatized by the Mink Kings who didn't die from being mutilated and poisoned. Because basically nobody suffered actual damage here, I expect the Beast Pirates to fully rebound next chapter. At best Kaido got stabbed twice but old sick Whitebeard ate 267 stab wounds along with hundreds of guns and cannons and Admiral attacks. The reason it may be fine bringing down Kaido and his top men like this is because we're dealing with a crew of Zoan users. The human form can be used to showcase and give the rising tide of battle to the Samurai, only for the hybrid form to buff the strength, toughness, and speed to make Kaido's boys a threat again and flip the script on its head. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if Kaido is unharmed here and the first time he bleeds is being saved for Luffy's new haki.

Nice chapter overall. Big Mom just watching the kabuki play unfold lol. A bunch of other characters have their locations updated. I figured something significant was to come out of Luffy not removing Yamato's cuffs last chapter, but that being used to distract Kaido was unexpectedly great. Yamato learned her murderous father that she continously challenged would not spare even her, though honestly it looks like she's crying at the news that Momo and the Scabbards were alive. Based on the editor's comment everyone has speculated about at this point, I now see a dramatic turn around immediately next chapter. Momo isn't even free yet so there's a strong possibility some samurai take devastating damage as Kaido and Big Mom counterattack.
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