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Seriously what a stupid crew

- Jack is surprised from the obvious

- Kaido is STILL surprised that Momo is Oden son when Orochi/Kanjuro went beyond any imagination to prove it to them

- Queen is surprised from the attack when Kanjuro literally told them that the scabbards are invading, and Kanjuro was only at that rear gate to actually stall them and slow them enough for Momo execution to be done with

Yet, many fans just love giving excuses to kaido and his crew cause they are Yonko crew, and they keep on hating Orochi when he was the best villain in this arc...

It's absolutely funny how "power scaling" can be major factor for rooting for a character or not

If someone will bring me the "excuse that they hate Orochi just because of bad design and stupid looks and actions" I'll just bring Big Mom who is also given excuses and passes from fans after another just for the simple power scaling shit

Dude, can you imagine if Big Mom was weak, and she stayed with us for 2 arcs??? those same people who want her in elbaf would fucking kill Oda if he didn't finish her boring ass here LOL
Yeah i agree with you!
Everyone knew that the alliance is coming for them and they act mighty but at the end they are like omg! Kaido is shitting himself, WSC for you!

Someone said if Yamato want to attack Kaido, but Luffy said "Its not us who gonna start the war", and then we saw Nine Red Scabbards attack Kaido.
Luffy probably saw the scabbards invading with his FS, I am assuming... and I also think Luffy realized that Scabbards MUST BE the ones who make the first move as a declaration of war

Even jinbe told Robin that back then when he said that they should wait for the Samurai to make the first move..

I think it's obvious that Oda is keeping the Strawhats AWAY from the higlight of this stage (Luffy is with Yamato away/ Zoro is with gifters/ Sanji missing/ Jinbe and Robin inflitrating/ Chopper and Usopp are doing their own thing/ Franky and Brook doing their own thing) Only Nami is there in stage, but we all know she'll be free very soon.. so

I think it's obvious that Oda is keeping the "MAIN POWERHOUSES" away from the stage... EVEN MARCO... and he intends to hand this big L to the Red Scabbard in next chapter or two I'm assuming... before the other fighters barging in

I think Oda intentionally avoided Marco being there so that he doesn't join the early casualties from Scabbards
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