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Nitoryu Zoro >~ Kyoshiro >~ Kidd >~ Law > Killer

- Nerfed Nitoryu Zoro fought to a draw with kyoshiro who is a YC2/3 ( he could send orders to queen / he is well known to Kaido / he is one of the top scabbards with ashura doji who could fight a YC3 / Page One called him Boss Kyoshiro and gained the respect of Sasaki )

- Nitoryu Zoro can one shoot Killer with hardened Shi shishi sonson cuz he couldn't react to a basic santoryu technique .

- Nitoryu Zoro handled hawkins who surpassed his limit and took 30% of his dolls while law failed in two encounters and the third one he got betrayed .

- Nitoryo Zoro panted after fighting gifters and he got hyped and was asked to join the beast pirates which based on strength they are impressed with his strength despite knowing killing and capturing him will make them fight for tobi roppo seat whereas kidd panted with killer's help who complained about the hard situation against waiters who never asked them to join them and they aren't impressed with their strength and they clowned them not to mention kidd started to sneakattack them .

- the same kidd has a better portrayal than Law .

- Kidd needed better feats to put him above denjiro who showed portrayal and feats better than him .
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Fallen Prince

So what is the exact point of having ambush ? Where they hoping to say surprise when he was busy drinking sake.

Otherwise this plot look ridiculous on whole kaido could just transform to dragon . I thought kinemon had a plan ? If the plan was to push him looks like its probably disappointing plotline .

Its just nothing but scabbard vs kaido hype . There is nothing substance in this raid.Honestly this wano arc doesnt deserve good applause my expectation have kinda dipped.
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