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How strong is Sanji?

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Thankss Lebrant-Sama!!:pepemwai:
If Sanji vs King really does happen, We might have to take the Wano Anime more seriously, cause its lowkey been hinting at things that havent been shown in the manga yet.
You could argue the manga has some suddle hints too, The same chapter Sanji was about to use his raid suit was the same one Oda introduced Kings devil fruit and the raid suit is ironically fire proof.
Why zoro's always act as a true dumbass? They always want their hero must fight with 2nd power of an yonko or they will cry with their mon?, a pirate with 1.32 billion bounty is too weak for zoro? Remenber zoro got serious hurt when fought with hawkin,killer or denjiro easily blocked zoro's attact. The only reaon zoro's fan acted like that is they are too jealous
What are you talking about.

Hawkins barely hurt Zoro. He received first aid as payment for saving kin's wife.

He only was hurt by Killer because he didn't take the fox a serious threat. Even then he oneshot Killer in an injured state.

Zoro, who still be recovering from his injuries, was keeping up against denjiro. Ashura spoke highly of his strength.

We have seen Zoro receive injuries throughout the entire manga and fight with injuries yet somehow people are making a big deal out of his injuries in Wano.

This is Wano, the land of the swordsman. It'll be very bad writing for Zoro to never fight the strongest swordsman there. Out of everything we know King seems to be the strongest man.
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