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Usopp bringing Nami in his shit:arnoling:
That's funny, case Ulti doing like same to Pay Pay LOL
But then again it's like battle of Brain vs Brainless, what is more important that Usopp created Nami's weapon, so this fight will be fair in all terms, case those two will come up with great plan and will defeat brother and sister pair.
Also this is great for develop of Nami and Usopp relationship, they really similar to each other, and maybe could called as brother and sister in some terms)
Zoro is facing off against Queen again, and Sanji and King are nowhere to be seen. Franky is taking on the boss of the Numbers, Hacha. Nami and Ussop are facing off with PageOne and Ulti
The Sulong Duke duo legit trashed Jack lol

It's not even that long, Jack the same guy who can go on fighting for 5 days without sweating

They're indeed too strong
A jack that just fought an army of Sulong Minks and was visibly tired and injured. Not really the best feat if u ask me, that they needed to gang up on him in their strongest forms and it looks like they even needed some time.
Jack being offscreened like that makes it more likely that he will fight again.

Queen and Apoo vs Zoro and Drake

Of course he will fight again. Kaido's crew is straight trash. If a Calamity gets taken out so early, he'll have no one to fight with.

Kaido saved Jack from being owned, and tells him "Go recover Jack".
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