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Just read the spoiler. It says Jack took out most . Doesn't say he took out all so you were still wrong.
Stop peddling headcanon when something is so explicitly stated
I said he took most like 80-100% and with most it just proof my point. Jack do the most job against the Sulong Mink and we have here over 200Sulong Minks.
I said he took most like 80-100% and with most it just proof my point. Jack do the most job against the Sulong Mink and we have here over 200Sulong Minks.
Never saw you say this in the discussion. Even in this very thread you keep saying Jack defeated all when spoiler states "most" as I said before, you were wrong


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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 991: “Please let us die!”.

In the cover, Pound hugs Lola and Chiffon for the first time in 26 years T_T

Drake thinks about his conversation with Koby. Koby said him that Luffy has the power to attract other people.

Zoro blocks Drake, he sais he can't trust him. Jinbe warns Drake that there are rules of honor even in pirate world, so he can't trust either in someone who switch side easily.

Luffy: "Oh, it's OK. We can fight together."

Zoro & Jinbei: "Shut up you idiot captain!!"

In other part, Page One transforms and attacks samurai but he's hit by Usopp's Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So (Green Star: Skull Bombgrass).

Ulti tries to find who fired the shot to her brother and she sees Nami.

Nami: "I'm Nami and I love to get rid of lizards like you!!"

However, it's not Nami the one that talks. Usopp is behind Nami, he's the one that said that to Ulti. Nami and Usopp run away, making Page One and Ulti follow them.

Apoo attacks Luffy (he's not using Gear 4) but Luffy covers his ears in time to avoid Apoo's attack. Apoo tries to help Haccha to become sober. He's in charge of controlling Numbers and says that the other Numbers got defeated easily because they were drunk.

Haccha sees Franky and thinks he's a toy. Jinbei tells Franky to lure Haccha outside to help the samurai.

Apoo tries to call other Numbers but Drake and Zoro attack him together. Apoo asks Drake if he's with this "weak" pirate group now, Zoro gets angry. Drake has always dislike Apoo as well, so Zoro and him decided to join hands to defeat Apoo.

But Queen appears and shoots them all with his machine gun. Drake seems shocked when he realizes what kind of bullets Queen used.

Cut to the top of Onigashima's dome, all Kaidou's men and Number Nanki are defeated. Jack is thrown to the ground heavily injured with one of his tusks broken. However he also managed to defeat most of the Sulong Minks.

Kaidou has to step in since Jack is about to be killed.

Jack: "Sorry."

Kaido: "Jack, you're not weak. Those two are just simply too strong."

Then we finally see Inuarashi and Nekomamushi Sulong form in an amazing doublespread page.

Kinemon thanks the Minks for opening the path to Kaidou for them. Kaidou tells Jack to go to recover. He then laughs and prepares his Bolo Breath.

Kaidou: "How many times do you think you can escape from this attack?"

Kinemon: "We never think about escaping."

Kinemon uses his "Kitsunebiryuu" style and cuts Kaidou's Bolo Breath in half. He also injures Kaidou's mouth.

Red Scabbards: "We're done escaping and hiding.
Please, let us die here as Lord Oden's samurai!
And we'll take you along with us!!"


No break next week.
Thanks as usual Redon!!😇
Jack vs. Jinbe seems more likely now.

- didn't show his hybrid/awakening, at this point he probably couldn't even get to it in time.

- Got overwhelmed by Neko/Inu, which is payoff for their arc. Thats it, they're focus is on Kaido now, so Jack is free from that burden.

- If Zoro/Sanji are being set up for the other 2 calamities, this now makes sense.

Now hopefully the chapter "flows" better than what is described, in that we see Inu/Neko actually wreck Jack in a page or 2, not just the aftermath. Other than this, he will be saved for someone else, this chapter confirms it
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