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None of them defeat onscreen any sulong mink, they get curbstomped on screen and in the current spoiler it get again confirmed that Jack take all Minks down as we said last week.
REALLY??? Gifters did NOTHING? SO fodder minks are stronger than ZORO and KID? WOW.

You are so high IQ.

Praising by Kaido after he lose is still far better then Doffy ever could dream to get,praised by Kaido san.:gokulaugh:
Your "Kaido san" got injured twice by this guy

Oda definitely has big things for Sanji, he's always been involved in NW in regards to fights individually

Vergo, just him
Doffy, just him
Bege, just him
his father, just him
Page One, just him
King, just him
Why does this war seem so slow?
Because there's no unifying GOAL.

There's no Kill/save Ace which everyone in the war is directly trying to achieve.

Like for example what is this Drake business really about? Like does drake Just want to save his own life? Or does he want to actually risk his life again to beat Kaido? Or maybe he has some other marine business that doesn't include anything else?

There's like 15 different agendas shared by all the characters in this war and whenever we skip to a specific agenda, the others slow down
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