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"It is warm within the mansions of Hel"
The chapter was okay for me. Nothing special.

Ice Oni Chopper is just the damsel I distress number for chopper again. Now everyone needs to hurry get the antidote from apoo to heal him (and the others). And Chopper looked pathetic in this chapter. Really Oda.. this form of him is ugly.

I liked that usopp and nami almost got killed by ulti and P1. But I guess Tama will be the key to safe their usless asses and to turn this fight around. They might be more tactical but they're too weak for the new world. But plot armor will be their guide and safe them again.
-Clashed equally with Akainu.
-Sent flying Kizaru despite this one blocking it.
-Clashed equally with BM.

-Pushed a ship.
-Didn't deal any damage to Sanji.

-"Woke up" an unstable BM because of plot reasons.

-Clashed equally with Base Inu/Neko.

-Clashed equally with Luffy Snakeman.
-Around Luffy Boundman with the strongest techniques.

-Clashed equally with Luffy Boundman.

Marco haters:
-"He hAs BounDmAn Apppp"
-"hE Is beLoW BounDmAn Apppp"
-"hIs Apppp is SHeeeTTT"
-"hE iS kINg Leveeeeellll"

Big Mom: Out of my way Marco!!!
Marco stopped Big Mom
Big Mom surprised Pikachu face
Admiral fan translation: Big Mom is afraid of Marco. Big Mom looked afraid when SH destroyed Carmel photo but not in this chapter. :milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:

Luffy Elephant Gun and Sanji DJ also stopped Big Mom attack, a similar attack she used on Marco this chapter

Marco AP=Luffy Elephant Gun+Sanji DJ<<<<<Gear 4:suresure::suresure::suresure:
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