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This was a good chapter Marco looking slightly better in a straight clash between BM was unexpected it makes me think that him being a cut above the other commanders is still a possibility. Also I'm not sure if it's just a coincident but their clash seems to have tilted the Island. BM did look better overall but not by much.

The Queen statement makes me think this is Oda's way of saying that Zoro and Sanji will still remain the 2nd and 3rd strongest even with the addition of Jinbei.

Ulti and Page 1 Fodderising Nami and Usopp was to be expected though I like the resolve both showed.
It's not about taking L ! It's for helping the one piece community, and it's funny that french and English scan told the same thing. Queen doesn't have any ideas who is the 2nd or 3rd, he just said better to wreck the strongests one but of course you can guess who are they.

I wanna just know who is that mod who deleted my post by saying "BAD translation", when he probably has 0 knowledge about Japanese. I'm not gonna translate anything know that's for sure. Only for my Zoro fanclub :steef:
I mean you were wrong about the 2nd and 3rd strongest applying to Sanji:kayneshrug:
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I dont want waste my time on you. (Will he achieve that???)

I need to save my energy for bigger fight.
- dont take precautions against Queen
- did not manage defeat stad beetle gifter Yamato + Momo in trouble now
- rather cutting the numbers, just going cutting the number weapon
- clashing with Drake

I will round up all the samurai before you arrives Luffy.
- no need add we know how it happen

I really doubt you will achieve what you were saying here Sir Zoro
Quite a good chapter. Glad there's no breaks and that the Capone cover story is over

I think that is the first time we've seen Marco use a punch instead of a kick or some sort of slash of his talons. That aside, it does seem interesting that Marco and the BM Pirates seem to have quite a few run ins in the past. It's been quite inconsistent with regards to if the Yonko used to clash personally or just let their grunts do it, but Marco seemingly knowing BM's abilities personally- even better than the Strawhats, apparently- and Prosperous long running dislike of him suggests at least one proper war between Whitebeard and Big Mom. I think Marco's too young to have been at God's Valley, anyway.

Wonder if Oda will off-panel Carrot and Wanda vs Perospero. It's still earlyish in the fights and he offpanelled Inu and Neko vs Jack and Kanjuro's fight, so I wouldn't be overly surprised if he did. That being said, I think the fights he off panelled are for character who will be making a comeback later, so if this is it for Carrot and Perospero, which I think it is, then it should be shown.

I'm not really feeling Zoro and Drake vs Apoo, or this whole ice zombie plot. Don't really see where it's leading. Seems to be a particularly egregious case of padding out the arc while Oda sets other things up, same for Luffy and co's dash up the tower. I hope it leads for something big for Chopper and not just being someone needed to save, cause that would really suck. Maybe Marco will save him quick since he noticed the ice demons this chapter.

It would seem all the evil scientists in One Piece had a convention where they would get together and talk about what dickheads they are, with Queen knowing Judge. End of the speculation over who Sanji fights, for me. A personal plot point over Queen knowing Sanji's father trumps anything else that's happened this arc. Plus maybe the RS has some defences against Queen's plagues. Still not sure if Sanji will manage to beat him solo though. Also Queen just seems not to have noticed the giant blue fishman running around. Either that or he hasn't realised Jinbei's a Strawhat, which would make more sense.

I think that's the most battered we've ever seen Nami? Kind of a shock given the kiddy gloves Oda usually uses on her. Strong moment for her Luffy will be PK speech, better than the sort of jokey one with Cracker. People will probably btch about Tama, but she has to have been given her powers for more use than simply brainwashing Speed and Babanuki. Also I think a fight where Nami, Usopp, Tamago and the big dog use their wiles against Page One and Ulti- ending in Ussop sniping a kibidango into Pay Pay's mouth and then having a dinosaur to ride about and fight, sounds really awesome. As long as Tama's used sparingly, I have no problem with that.
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