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Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
He seemed shook to me and it definitely came off like the furry sisters saved his ass there.
They saved him from taking an arrow to the skull, which he would’ve just healed from like it was nothing lol. Marco has had his skull destroyed before and healed like nothing, no way Perospero or Big Meme pose any threat to him whatsoever lol.
In one small portion of this chapter, Oda singlehandedly poured jet fuel on S vs Z! Good luck mods.

Also, the link between Vegapunk and other scientists was expanded in this chapter. Queen knows Judge, who knows Vega and Caesar. Caesar knows Judge and Vega. Its safe to assume that Caesar and Vega also know Queen.
huh? what is this?
Judge was literally vegapunk's partner...
Zoro, Drake and Big Mom looked like shit this chapter.

And Nami slayed as the usual Queen she is.
There you go again.

Apoo is still running scared, told us they're too much for him, had his attack tanked by Zoro and Drake, is limited to only blocking their attack with his tonfas, and was overpowerd amd forced back. If you look at the scene after Queen looks at the bounties Apoo used just attack again. If Zoro isn't heavily damaged in that chapter this means that he took three of Apoo attacks and brush them off with ease.

Zoro once again proven how durable he is.
So Queen is definitely talking about Sanji and Zoro when he says the 2nd and 3rd strongest. Only thing to debate is whether he was talking about the alliance as a whole(which sounds stupid) or only the Strawhat crew.
I disagree, he's talking about Drake and Zoro. Sanji is not mentioned until after he talks about the second and third strongest.
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