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Yeah agreed selling out is a bit harsh, I'd replace it with conforming to enemy demands
Yeah, but usopp would rather not see his crew be hurt so if it means taking the easy way out and avoiding harm by telling a white lie just to please the enemy then of course he'd tell nami to do it.

But usopp wouldn't even dare think of doing something like that had he been pressed.

I think Usopp and Nami are going to get an even worse beating & maybe they'll take turns being "tortured".

Just don't let Tama be their ticket out of this mess.... of anything make this Usopp and Namis responsibility to protect her. All this pressure will surely make them bloom into more capable fighters.
He was attacking everyone that was behind him and chasing him. Zoro was behind him and chasing him. And after the attack we see Zoro come out from the smoke and debris created from the attack. Which further proves he was in AOE of the attack.
Nope again Zoro wasnt there when Apoo aimed at the fodders he wanted to attack. Zoro isnt getting a free feat for something he wasnt there for. Sorry. Try again.

critical mindset

They saved him from taking an arrow to the skull, which he would’ve just healed from like it was nothing lol. Marco has had his skull destroyed before and healed like nothing, no way Perospero or Big Meme pose any threat to him whatsoever lol.
Big Mom just grabbed him. Did Perospero interfere somehow before BM could grab him, because it doesn't look like it. Perospero was a bystander and BM just choked him out of the blue (no pun). Marco has sweat on his left cheek from seeing what Perospero was gonna do. She couldn't damage him but Marco looked rather powerless and emascualted right then and there
Not open for further replies.