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both are trash

Erza >>>>
Fairy tail:whitepress:
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I always knew that a fight between Ulti and the girl who relies in a toy for fight would only result in Nami crying in fear and begging by her life. It ended up being even better with she being physically spanked for real,which i have waiting for a long time to happen.
This chapter prove how i am totally right in call Nami weak,pathetic and Straw Hat Crew's garbage.
I can agree with Sanji slander but don’t insult Nami.
Sakura best female lead

Can't change my mind
No joke if you search up Uselessnesss she is the first thing to come up search it up on your own if you don’t believe me
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It between her or orihime from bleach they basically was clean the whole series
Only chapter 100 of bleach but so far origins seems like hinata with orange hair does she get better
He is a weakling
If you will die at least accept your death like Nami with some dignity

Usopp sold out his captain like its nothin
Usopp lies a lot, that's his quirk remember? Nami said what she believes and was gonna die if not for the dog/tama, it would've been more wise to just lie where then Ulti wouldn't have killed her as she said, although it was a pretty badass moment for her.
And it's not like by telling a lie to get out of a sticky situation selling out Luffy; it doesn't affect him whatsoever -_-
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