One Piece Episode 1017 - A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!

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Never Feed The Badders Pasta
Last week it was Zoro didn't cut down Kaido now you are coping about Enma :kobeha:
The offer still on the table Luffy can train under Zoro he can join Momo as his apprentice that should improve his AP somewhat at least:arnoling:
Fucking hell, how are you always on this shit 24/7?? Dragging a convo that is not that deep from last week and chatting about the same shit. Ain't you tired??:giogio:
I am just here to vibe and not get dragged into another dead long convo with you if I am being honest:pepeke:
- This episode didn't change shit
- Stop instigating shit
This episode confirmed Hiryu Kaen (which is not even current Zoro's strongest attack) > Bajrang Gun (Gear 5 Nika's ultimate attack).
Hiryu Kaen scared both Kaido and Big Mom, Kaido confirmed to dodge. Meanwhile Kaido confidently took the Bajrang Gun head on.

Ranking: Soaring Jigoku Dragon > Hiryu Kaen > Bajrang Gun.