One Piece Episode 1021 - Spank Strikes! Sanji's Woman-trouble!

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Some people thought that Perospero really struggled against Sulong Carrot and Wanda but in reality he didn't struggle that much.

Also I can't believe Sulong Wanda actually got defeated from that single attack from the previous episode.:milaugh:

At least Carrot was able to last a bit more longer than Wanda, but other than breaking through Perospero's candy armor and pushing him back she really didn't do much.

I'm pretty sure some Carrot wankers are going to be salty and will probably make excuses for this fight.:doffytroll:
Again non canon and that not a excuse that a fact just like the 1% man Drake was :usoprice:
If Carrot was doing a lot more against Perospero, you would be saying that's canon.:queenhear:

Also you're such a hypocrite.:fujilaugh:

You're just salty that Carrot didn't do that much against Perospero.:broocry:
Lol "I can't believe I screwed by a rabbit mink" yea that sound like someone who won and wasn't goin lose :milaugh:and yea I say it was Canon cus I never thought oda would shit on it like last chapter still love toei tho
And they say Pero = Jack :kobeha: it was offscreened in the manga but Pero's words made it clear
anyway Kaido is goated :datas:
Some people also said that Perospero struggled against Sulong Carrot and Wanda but as we can see here that's not the case, although he did struggle a little bit against Sulong Carrot at the end.

Regardless Perospero did well against them but at the end of the day he's not even close to Jack's level.

The parallel between Perospero and Jack wasn't even about power level, it was about what those two did to the minks.

Yet for some reason they thought that the comparison between them was about them being on the same level, some people need to realize that not everything is about power level.
lmao this episode as always shit
  • Toei destroys everything with auras. Why Robin had aura when thanking Sanji?
  • Robin's VA so bad
  • once again, Toei doesn't get that humor relies on timing
  • And again, Toei added anime filler scene where Killer failed to cut with sound because his scales are harder now, Which is stupid because that's not how Killer's attack works. Lmao, toei just wanted to reuse Killer attack animation from 1017