One Piece Episode 1042 - The Predator's Trap - Black Maria's Temptation

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One Piece EPISODE 1042
"The Predator's Trap - Black Maria's Temptation"

捕食者の罠 ブラックマリアの誘惑
Hoshokusha no Wana - Burakku Maria no Yūwaku

Opening 24 | PAINT - I Don't Like Mondays. (Simulcast)

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Screenplay | 田中仁 - Hitoshi Tanaka
Art | 陳烔年 - Tongnian Chen & 土居ゆりの - Yurino Doi
Animation | 李少雷 - Shaolei Li, 今門卓也 - Takuya Imakado, 古徳真美 - Mami Kotoku & 程震雷 - Zhenlei Cheng
Direction | 山内重保 - Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Storyboard |
Airdate: November 27, 2022

Episode 1043 Preview
The fuck was this shit? I withheld judgement last episode because I hoped that the finisher for Franky's fight would be moved to an episode with higher budget, so at least that bit would look good, but nope, it looked as bad as the last episode and it doesnt even feel like a finisher now. Yamato didnt look much better either, they kept the camera in angles where they could hide the actual fighting, giving us only bits of movement and the sound of the clashes, and they didnt even show the clash of blasts breaths, good lord. Only reason I dont give this episode a 0 is because I liked Yamato pulling some Aokiji shit with those icicles(even though they didnt even hit Kaido), the OST that played during that scene(I wonder if its new) and the Robin scene, though it was 90% filler and with barely any animation, but it still looked ok and was a bit of a tear jerker