One Piece Episode 982 - Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Appear

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Zoro's Asura have nine swords but end up as a one big slash against Kaku is considered a one shot. Luffy's Gatling Gun against Lucci is also a one shot. Sanji's Poele against the Fishmen is also a one shot. So Sanji's DJ attack against Drake is also a one shot.
So good to fuck both
Sanji is gonna have threesome with Black Maria and Ulti whenever he got the chance.
Toei must have been saving money for the last decade in preparation of this arc, that's why the anime was garbage post skip before Wano.
Its interesting to hear the comments from animators who have worked on the show.

They definitely say the production is a lot better. They have a lot more freedom to do this sort of thing than say back in Alabasta.

Anyway, GOAT episode, loads of talent doing awesome shit.

Tu Yong Ce is one of the goats. Man does not get enough credit or recognition despite being in charge of and doing some of the best animated sequences this arc.
Bruh, I know the Queen dance was definitely the animation highlight, but I think its worth pointing out how filled to the brim with great character acting the episode was generally.

Even benign stuff like the strawhats walking and talking had great stuff.

My personal favourite bit was by Jakisuaki, as he had Sanji "swagger" back to the straw hats.
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Also, its episodes like this that cement in my mind where Oda made Queen the main antagonist of Udon.

Queen is a character with enough style and flair to easily stand his own as a main antagonist.

Queen would have been an infinitely cooler main antagonist than someone like Caesar.
Good ass episode. Caught me off guard. 8.5/10
  • Tobi Roppo are much much much less intimidating and more humanized.
  • X Drake being the Strongest Flying 6 is crazy. That means Zoro not even trying equals a Top F6.
  • All F6 Voice Actors match perfectly.
  • Ulti was shit for me in the manga. She's better in the anime and she has a specific courtesan dialect which I'm surprised they used.
  • Yamato looks so strong.
  • Numbers sound so savage.
  • Apoo is wack, lame... Queen is wack, lame...
  • Sanji takes an L just for existing.
  • Strawhat dynamic was nice to see in so long, manga included.
  • Zoro CoO is crazy strong.
Overall they covered a lot in < twenty minutes at high quality animation. Will definitely rewatch later.
what a big brain.