One Piece Episode 982 - Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Appear

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  • Luffy and the camera spinning in the air then unleashing a nuclear Red Hawk. Powerful use of perspective.
  • The Strawhats lined up side by side waiting for Luffy.:goyea:

  • Orochi playing with his girls definitely needed its own scene.
  • Queen trying to be serious with lens flare shades but his goons just can't stop dancing in the back:funky:

  • I love that masked Yamato is being played up as a mystery with an early appearance. The manga just removed the mask after one chapter.

  • We didn't get to see the Tobiroppo loafers, but their silhouettes on the wall as they walk together was pretty damn cool.

  • Holy hell, the Queen and Apoo sing and dance segment looks like it belongs in Film Gold. The lasers and lighting especially impressive.

  • Purple skin Number. Blue skin Number. Red skin Number. They are colorful bunch.

  • Love how everything shifted to red to represent blood on Orochi's floor and the tone of the Tobiroppo conversation.
  • It's absolutely hilarious that shy little Page One has the deepest voice in the room.:doffytroll:

  • Page One abused three times in one scene by Ulti, there no more miserable One Piece character than him.

  • When even the Onigashima skull gets the lens flare effect :catrude:

  • That amazing shot of the entire alliance surfing that wave, basically what the Strawhats created all Wano arc.

  • The Samurai unsheathing and raising their swords. The petals dying the sea reddish. Oden running in first. I've got no words.
  • A killer ending shot of everyone putting down their mugs, :cheers: ominous but beautifully representing the idea that they'll resume the party later.
Fanatastic episode. Just like that amazing sequence the Kid, Law and Luffy trio gave us with their intro, I think it's great the Beast Pirates are welcomed with own banger of an episode. The art, direction, and the music with that new Kagura piece is all One Piece at its peak. Queen's dance number was the focus of the episode and I have to agree it was the right decision if only for Queen riding that elevator. Such a magnificent choice to style it after a real music video, giving us a vibrantly animated dancing crowding including the Numbers. Queen, Apoo and Luffy's singing VA knocked it out of the park. The Tobiroppo VAs sound good so far, maybe I wanted something more gruff for Who's Who, but it's really just because Pay-Pay puts him to shame. Ulti being such a classy/loving/rude/annoying/feisty spazz was perfectly matched by the amazing range of her VA. Yamato not saying anything is a good move to keep the mystery going, although I expected to see something other than rock smashing.

Reframing the Strawhat pre-party to bookend this episode from start to finish worked out rather swell. Oda wanted to contrast how serious the alliance is being before the raid, even putting aside Jinbe's toast, while the Beast Pirates are drunk off their asses and in a severely vulnerable position right now. It was a point of criticism last episode because as much I enjoyed this one, the weakest scenes did take place outside of Onigashima (and the Orochi stuff), making it seem like leaving the fighting for the previous episode and this one having to expand content was a waste. Pacing was really smooth for the most part. It started out slow but once attention turned to Onigashima, I never once even thought about a scene overstaying its welcome and was even left wanting more. Such is your realization at the end of every awesome episode.