One Piece Episode 986 - Fighting Music! An Ability That Harms Luffy!

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Maybe I'm wrong, but I have noticed that the content of the manga has not been copied correctly for several episodes. Not only is the sequence of events sometimes wrong, certain characters were also not shown.

Wrong but yea this one the drunk dudes wasn't shown or bee girl group either most likely they be in next episode but overall they fodder who people wouldn't care if they on screen lol


Heavy Metal
Gonna had some good breakfast today!

Kid was well damn great this episode. He was focused, but at some point, he couldnt take that stupid laughter anymore. And the moment Apoo realised Kid was close, he shitted himself and wasnt able to do anything. He saw that attack coming, 5 minutes in the episode, alot of gathering metal, laughter, Apoo knew he fucked up. And he knew, he wasnt able to dodge or defend agains this attack. Apoo lost this way before the attack arrived him. He lost in the moment Kid appeared!

Other worth to mention notes:
- Queen was scared for a moment by seeing Kids attack, he knows Kid is extremely strong
- Zoro had some troubles to hold his sword against the magnetism, even tho kid wasnt even concentrated with his magnetic field anywhere close to Zoro.
- Apoo not even tried to defend himself with a counterattack. Does he know kid can just reflect it with his metal?

Impressive doings by Apoo, enjoyable character!
Even more impressive doings by Kid. :kidsmile:
That moment when Sanjifans are trashtalking Luffy and Zoro just because the scene of them getting atacked by apoo was extended due to anime time, but you know Sanji getting beaten up by black tooth and begging for mercy will also be extended for the same reason.
Unless I missed it, I didn't see any Sanji fans trash talking Luffy and Zoro at least not in this thread.