One Piece Episode 986 - Fighting Music! An Ability That Harms Luffy!

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Zoro Worshipper
Does Apoo still exists in the manga?
That's a good question.

Aside from inner jokes I genuinely believe that Kidd likely ranks #3 in the power scale of the supernovae as of now. There's enough portrayal to affirm that. Of course I can't see him matching Luffy or Zoro at least current portrayal wise, but I'm looking forward. I really like his power, I hope he will manage to substantiate more damage however, the premises are good. He managed to factually win Big Mom in a strenght contest and that was impressive.
A lot of y’all are arguing a straw man. Barely anyone thinks that Kidd can just straight up take Zoro’s swords out of his hands. Of course he can’t. Zoro’s grip is too strong for that. But what a lot of us were arguing is that Kidd’s magnetism would have an effect on and hinder Zoro’s sword play. The fact that in this episode Zoro was straining to keep his swords in his hand shows you that the magnetism does have an effect and at the very least would interfere with and slow down his attacks. That’s what most were saying, not that Kidd can just rip Zoro’s swords out of his hands like he’s some fodder lol.

If he has to strain to keep his swords in his hand, then he’s at a disadvantage. Simple. Repel will definitely slow down Zoro’s attacks as well. Again slow down, not completely repel.
Kid was nerfing Zoro vs Kaido :finally:
Bruh Apoo literally folding the SHs and dubbing on them :pepapoo:
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Zoro trying to hold his sword from Kidd in this episode:

Bro Kids face when he saw Apoo was like the personificazione of the Devil
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or zoro can just use haki and block it
Doesn't work that way man