Spoiler One Piece Film "RED" Spoiler Discussion Thread.

So kizaru did sweat, Fuji didn’t intresting…. fuji strongest admiral

Shanks only had a 1.04b a decade ago, lol mihawk was clashing jack level shanks.
Shanks can mess with FS intresting.
What the heck...the KILLER of Observation Haki? So after DF-Canceller Mode, now it's CoO-Canceller Mode CoC now? Just make him have a Life-Canceller Mode already for god's sake lol.
Shanks could literally turn Fujitora into a useless Boundman using COC
Well maybe not that extreme lol, but really fighting someone with your best powers restrained from being used, your final attacks halved in attack power, your sneak attacks failed due to you being paralyzed...it's a really lousy situation. Maybe Shanks is the best at debuffing someone with his CoC...maybe its what his type of CoC is all about
Which means fujitora has better haki as Haki= ambition.
Im not sure if it goes that far, im talking about how CoC affects the characters. CoA and CoO comes with training, and training requires ambition... i guess

But the fact that Fujitora blinded himself to prevent him seeing certain things may have an influence here

He couldn't tell when those guys in Dressrosa where fooling him during that game