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The Walking Muscle, Plot-armor and Boobs Trio
There's something called sports sandals. Could have been a much better choice.
Unless the reason they went for shoes is the actor has bitch-ass sensitive feet or giant hairy gorilla feet. :suresure::suresure::suresure:
I know. I used to exclusively wear those during mu teen years, but Luffy doesn’t wear sports sandals. And if thry are gonna give him sports sandals, why not just give him shoes?

As far as I am concerned, shoes is very minor stuff here.


Shanks is not a swordsman
Netflix has been going down the gutter for a while. One Piece would be a really powerful IP if Netflix was smart about it. Unfortunately, they won't be. It'll just be one more on netflix's endless line of cancelled shows.
I allready expect it to be woke piece... I kbow I wont be dissapointed whatever it will turn out to be becouse I dont have high expectations
He's right people crying over Luffy wearing shoes are being pedantic
Luffy flip flops > goofy Netflix show
imo, the only way to adapt it into something not garbage was to make changes (which would ofc get backlash, so itd really only work if non-fans buy into it)

for example: I wouldnt be mad if they ditched zoros 3rd sword honestly, its gonna look dumb.
also, they dont need to be inline with the attacks that characters use. Luffy shouldnt be too big of an issue, but Zoro and Sanji should be more centered around realism.

As far as say fishmen, its achievable and I again wouldnt mind redesigns for it to be practical. (like for Hatchan to look more like the dude from Pirates of the Car.)

otherwise, I'd be completely fine if they used a different but similiar style of comedy. Like goofy but not stupid (like Who Framed Roger Rabbit stupid). Which is much simpler to achieve in these earlier arcs, as most the humor is more or less dumb moments/comments from Luffy, or them reacting to stuff in a way thats funny.

Now, changes like this will radicalize the fanbase and itll be reviewbombed. So theyll have to go with a much more manga-accurate version that looks like it was fanmade.
Might as well as call it two piece