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well ive got the full press release ill send it soon
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This is a great read, love the insight from the actors
Thanks for sharing it, Donut-kun

Gorosei Informer

i saw a big one piece billboard in Hollywood just now :shocking:

the netflix building has it posted outside
Damn you really are trying to get cast as Hiyori for the live action too! I admire your dedication and passion!

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They should have gotten Shanks' LA actor to promote this series too.

"I've come to announce a live action series!"
i doubt that will go until TB, but a easy why to solve is to make 4 episodes of Thriller Bark and 4 of Sabondy, ending the season with the SH being defeated, would be a huge cliff hanger for the next season
Yeah that’s what I was thinking. End the season with the Straw Hats defeat.

though if you’re making 4 episodes of thriller bark idk how you stretch sabaody to 4 episodes considering it’s like 15 chapters long. Maybe add an episode of SN travels before we meet them? I would love a Kid/Law focused episode. In there you could include other SN they ran into
I love the fact that we are already imagining future seasons xD thats how i imagine season 2:

Ep. 1- Crocus/Lavoon and beginning of Whiskey Peak
Ep. 2- Whiskey Peak with Baroque Works revelation
Ep.3- Little Garden
Ep.4 - Drum
Ep.5- Drum
Ep. 6- Alabasta
Ep.7 - Alabasta
Ep.8- End of Alabasta and end the season with the cliffchanger of the ship falling from the sky before Jaya
Since Loguetown is not part of this season (as in, the arc with Smoker, Tashigi, Dragon) this is my idea for S2:
Ep1: Loguetown
Ep2: Reverse Mountain and Whiskey Peak (until Zoro faces off against the bounty hunters)
Ep3: Rest of WP and half of Little Garden
Ep4: Rest of LG and first half of Drum Island (until Luffy is about to climb the Rockies)
Ep5: Rest of DI and intro to Alabasta
Eps 6,7,8 - Alabasta

They would trim some fat again, and it'd be for the best tbh.
Though I could see them doing 10 episodes from S2 onwards.
How am I cherry-picking? It's just a fact that the majority of the fandom enjoyed the trailer, not the teaser. If you want to be a doomer then that's fine, but stop pointing out things that are just incorrect.
He is just a simple hater and one of biased people, they said they are being objective but they don't.. they will simply hate whatever come eventhough there are people who actually like it
The #1 reason this show will bomb is the casting. The MC has the looks, age and energy of Luffy, but almost 0 charisma. All the other characters can be great, but ultimately Luffy's dream and personality carry the show. He just doesn't have it. Also, for better or worse, this is an English-speaking show, and a character whose first language isn't English is going to have an extremely tough time carrying the show as the MC.

Also, when I look at all the SHs, it feels like a bunch of high schoolers on a budget putting on a stage play. They don't feel like a real pirate crew. There is almost 0 chemistry there.