News One Piece Live Action Series!!

Honestly i don't see how this show could look great. I mean it has the potential to be the most cringe live action we've ever seen after dbz :josad:
They have a solid cast unlike Dbz (at least imo now that I've sit on it for a bit), much more advanced technologies in CGI than 14 years ago, around a $100M budget iirc, the head writer being a genuine long time fan and Oda as an executive producer. It can work or at least not be half-bad imo. I'll be positive about it till we at least get a clip or something.

Wonderful World

Emily Rudd looks the part, and the Ussop actor looks excellent. Zoro looks a bit too androgynous, but I'm sure he will look better once he goes into the fitting room. I have to see Sanji with a wig and a spiral eyebrow first, but until then, he looks like he's about to spit some bars at Nami and Zoro.
The only One that i dont like is zoro.

I Just CANT see zoro as asian, i dont Care if he has katanas, is related to samurais or wano, that in real life his country would be japan and everything Else.

Zoro dont look asian in the manga/anime. PERIOD.

Tsuru and other characters look asian.

I dont know How other fans see him when they Reading the manga, but i doubt they see him like asians people they see walking in the street.

At least is a good actor, and got the shape.