News One Piece Live Action Series!!

Usopp is good, Luffy is OK, Nami&Zoro... meh

Sanji looks like a crackhead who attends Trump rallies
Usopp and Nami are pretty fucking perfect imo. Especially Nami. The Zoro guy has a little too 'cute' of a face for Zoro but that can be managed by the make-up artists and all. It's still a good choice. Some may not like Luffy but for me, this guy looks like he can indeed play the part. His smile is amazing, which is a key factor honestly. Let's not talk about Sanji...


You mirin brah ?
Luffy's casting is perfect to me.

Sanji's leaves a lot to be desired, can't see this guy simping with heart eyes at all, looks like Eminem in 1999.

Zoro's is too feminine looking, i guess that can be taken care of pretty easily though.

Nami/Usopp are ok.
With their costumes they will all look better dont worry. The problem of the show will be more in the writing side imho..
Characters are important too thought, if they can't play the role as what we know from the strawhats, they get massively hated for it.
Writing case they just need to follow the manga, if they try to do their own script, they probably going to fall Apart very fast.
Think this is fake

The Zoro and Nami casting have been rumoured for ages, and this random redditor

Was drawing pictures of Luffy and Sanji based on their “casting” a month ago.

So taking it with a pinch of salt so far.
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Oh, nevermind, definitely not fake, I’ve seen the casting video now
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The live-action cast is out. Netflix tweeted it out accidentally and deleted it. I'm fine with everyone except Sanji, lol. That choice looks so bad, lol. Maybe he looks better with the hair and all, or so I hope. Usopp, Nami and Zoro are perfect. Luffy's cast is as good as it could get considering how hard it is to find a perfect match for him.

Sanji is Draco Malfoy:steef:
Zoro is nearly as pretty as Nami lol. Usopp looks great. Sanji, looks better in the video than the picture, think will be fine when the hair is sorted.

Luffy, just not really sure he’ll can be done in live action, so… the guy looks fine, but we’ll see.
Was worried about Jacob and Taz but the video shows they are excited and that gives me hope. They look like they would match each other.

I love Inaki as Luffy and Mackenyu as Zoro. They are amazing. Emily deserves it after all this time.
To whoever posted that video RN and deleled it:
It changes everything . Nami looks good but that Luffy... :lawsigh::lawsigh::lawsigh::kaidowhat:Dear Lord in heaven

And that Sanji is still the worst of them