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Lucky Roux isn't important enough of a character in the grand scheme of things to even care about his skin color.
That is such a dumb excuse. What does it matter if those characters are or aren't main characters? They change their skin color because of woke reasons and ''the message'', that's all. For some reason that's ok, but if a Black person would be made white it would be the most racist thing ever. Equality - what those woke people try to achieve, based on their own opinion - works both ways, not only in one. Woke people are just retarded hypocrites. There is absolutely no reason to change a characters skin color and gender, unless you want to send a message. Nowadays it happens in alot of movies, series etc. and that happens for a reason - a dumb reason.
And saying ''changin the skin color of a side character doesn't effect the story'' is another dumb excuse. It doesn't change the story even if Luffy's skin color would be changed, but that is not how Luffy was created by the author and how we remember him. Imagine they would turn Hulk Yellow, would that effect the story? No. Would the people like it? No. Because that is not Hulk.
Superman is a White Man and Blade is a Black Man - but the skin colors have nothing to do with why people like them. The only thing the color helps here with, is identifying them, because that is how we know them for years. Imagine you would see a White Blade, you would be like ''who the fuck is this guy''?
Same thing happened with Resident Evil, with Albert Wesker, if it wasn't mentioned in the movie and by the producers themselfs, we would have never guessed it was Wesker lol
If we didn't know better, we would have thought they brought Blade into Resident Evil lol

Here is Blade

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Who would you cast as a Fishman while being accurate to the manga?
A Fishman is not a real creature lol - what kinda comparison is that?

Gorosei Informer

Black people>exist
Racist>this is woke
Reminds me of the jokes I see of how these "snowflake destroyers" seethe and mald when they go outside and see non White and non straight people and even women and cry that reality is "woke and political", they're living in a matrix and they are on the verge of a great white extinction and reset too.

Although they're not joking about those claims but the joke is that even "real life has gone woke", just like their entertainment/escapism.

Kinda ironic how they call others snowflakes really.

Why tf is lucky Roo black lol
He’s clearly white (kinda tan, but not black) in all forms of media, so it feels kind of weird

But I don’t really care that much, since he’s only shown a few times throughout the series anyway.

It kind of feels like companies are trying too hard nowadays. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Lucky Roux just seems like a weird choice…

If the guy can capture his personality, then that’s all that really matters in the end. :catrude:

I’m not getting my hopes up with a Live Action adaption of One Piece, though. I’ll be surprised if they can even get Luffy’s rubber physics to look good :josad: