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I’ll give this to the detractors, I always found things like the color spread you posted and their other instances of physical contact as relatively platonic. A case can be made that him holding her AND Brook like that is simply a friend trying to keep his other buddies safe. With her caressing his face the way she is in my avatar, though, it’s no longer open for discussion 😤🤯🤗
I'm honestly just surprised Oda continues to tease it. I mean I still don't believe we'll get any SH ships, but maybe I'm up to 1% now instead of 0%
Robin x Franky is not something new.

Oda said if SH is family, Franky would be the Father while Robin would be the Mother.
That's what I'm saying lol It's been teased a lot before
How come there are still more LuNatards than Frobintards when Oda clearly only gives a shit about one of those ships? If he ever intended for Luffy x Nami to happen he would have been as deliberate with it in terms of color spreads and panel interactions as he is with this ship
Well people love thei fantasy ships. Main character and Main heroine will always have a giant shipping base. But Franky x Robin is legit the only SH ship Oda actually hints at.