News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

Before fighting Zoro, they didn't care about King and were downplaying him but now that Zoro is fighting King they are now hyping him up and acting like they never downplayed him.:fujilaugh:

Agenda nothing more than agenda, they think the bounty gap between King and Queen is a huge but it's really not.

It's still a decent gap but just not a huge one like some were thinking.
Agree with errting except the "decent" gap bit.
No need to be humble here lol it is a "small" gap particularly when you compare them to the other yonko commanders.
The bounty reveal also emphasizes what the manga has been telling us with their portrayal from day one, which is that they are comparable unlike what some folks would like to believe hence why they were pushing for a bounty difference of 100s of millions btw them lol. It's pretty rich that the same folks are now tryna cope and attacking folks that predicted a bounty of 1.33bil lol. Pretty damn clear which group was off about this :milaugh:


To find the All Blue!
Mihawk higher bounty than Shanks remember :usoprice:
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"Did you come for a duel, Hawkeye?" "Nah fam, you have only 1 arm. No need to fight you bro"
"Hawkeye where are you going?" "Fight Red Hair? Nope. I'm out. Can't lose to him when I already used the excuse of the one arm. Too much humiliation"
Imagine this character having a higher bounty than Shanks.
Why isn’t there a Marco King parallel going now with Marco 1.37 and King 1.39… Since you care about “No big difference”, then this should matter more then, right?
It should..
But Marco is out of the fight…?
Plus recently someone changed my mind about who’s stronger between the both and I currently view the bounties as very logical…!?

not sure… you can start the debate for whoever is interested in that regard…


Lazy is the way
Their hype kinda give much hope for real good battles back then, now people can understand why im disappointed in then afterall. But yeah I change it later to 400-750mio max before the fight start and after the battles I change it again to 250-550mio.

Really sad how the flying six get handle. Sasaki and BM two haki users not using it make it worse.
Oda and Haki :kayneshrug: always in for a mess
When did this happen exactly?
Kaido tells Zoro and Law after stomping out Luffy “you guys out to have joined me, we would have definitely found one piece” or something like that… it was in Chapter 1010

then Kaido has many lines of dialogue with Luffy specifically about telling Luffy he should be a better fighter or improve his techniques or he should just bash Luffy’s head in or their fight is somewhat enjoyable

I think that its sort of made clear that Ulti could have at least killed Nami a bit sooner if she wanted
Her being able to kill Nami sooner was impeded by her inability to make Nami submit.

That’s her loss. She was trying very hard to scare Nami to the point of losing hope and she failed. That’s not her messing around. That’s her failing to do the thing she wanted to do