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They got a days break after the seraphs and gucci lmao

And Kizaru wasn't trying.

Then goofy literally got magic meat and is fully fresh now lmao

Has no excuse for shit showing of goofy lol
crazy how luffy can’t be nerfed but kizaru can which he is not n if so luffy is his enemy he has no reason to hold back and when warcury actually lands a hit on luffy he’s just a walking punching bag
Jinbo is turning out to be the worst stalling plot device yet, how did Saturn get up there, moved past the crew and enter the Lab before Jinbo can get to the Sunny? Oda keeps writing banger after banger:risitameh:
The giants covered themselves with their shields, Luffy was almost taken out by it. Has Kaido done anything like that to G5 Luffy?
Some fodder shields the size of the giants forearm can successfully block Warcury's roar? This is what you call crazy Haki feat surpassing Kaido's? Sure thing buddy. The roar did nothing to Luffy either. Luffy reacted in a cartoonish way, nothing more, nothing less.
Dragon is busy watching East
Well we had King with lunarian durability

So Topman with his dura isn't a shocker
We also had BM and i don't see her getting cut by the scabbards but people would debate that .
But yeah right after kaido we get lunarian durability warlord so 7 that durability monsters .
S bear taking attack from both gear 4 luffy and Lucci was big durability feat .
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